Welcome to Asheville Sufis

Our humble site aims to be a source of information about ongoing classes, meeting and upcoming events in Sufi orders, or tariqats, represented in Asheville and Western North Carolina.

Our Purpose / Mission

Our intention is to be a welcoming and safe harbor or in those finding a home in the message of love, harmony and beauty. By and large we practice as a group “Eat, dance and pray together” is how murshit Samuel  L. Lewis put it. come bless us with your beautiful presence!

As the site grows it will reflect a mature set of offerings from the many Sufi orders represented in this area. You can keep in touch and be updated on events by visiting our Asheville Sufis Facebook page or by signing up for our site’s newsletter.

The Three Sufi Purposes

• To realize and spread the knowledge of unity, the religion of love and wisdom, so that the bias of faiths and beliefs may of itself fall way, the human heart may overflow with love, and all hatred caused by distinctions and differences may be rooted out
• To discover the light and power latent in humankind, the secret of all religion, the power of mysticism, and the essence of philosophy, without interfering with customs or beliefs
• To help bring the world’s two opposite poles, East and West, closer together by the interchange of thought and ideals that the universal brother-sisterhood may form of itself, and people may meet with people beyond the narrow national and racial boundaries

Asheville Sufis
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